Cannabis is an essential oil and is one of the most unusual yet effective oils in the essential oil range, simply because of the plant from which it is derived. Although cannabis and hemp have been used for thousands of years as a naturally growing herb, its reputation as a drug in many parts of the world has unfortunately complicated the relationship between users of cannabis oil and hemp oil, especially with authorities in certain parts of the world. However, Cannabis Essential Oil is a wildly beneficial as an essential oil specific to health issues and specific such as cancer and is also widely considered as one of the most effective oils in combating many other illnesses and life-threatening conditions . Simpson Oil has been producing and distributing our own original formula of whole plant series treatments for well over ten years now and we continue to have amazing results and successes with countless individuals worldwide.


Our Cannabis Oil Treatments use whole plant, or mixtures of plant extracts, to treat both acute and chronic conditions.

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When someone is undergoing a cancer treatment, physical therapy may not be the first healthcare field that comes to mind, But it is …

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Palliation Hospice is simply a setting in which a full palliative care approach is offered for patients at or nearing the end of life …

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