Scholarship Program at Simpson Oil

Welcome to the Rick Simpson Oil. With great joy and pride, we bring all students with an amazing first time ever scholarship opportunity where you can a small portion towards your tuition for the Winter 2017-2018 Semester. At Rick Simpson, we know the importance of education and how it helps shape careers for students. We at Rick Simpson firmly believe that no students should have any financial constraint.

The scholarship opportunity is open to all hard working students attending any Canadian or US college/university and is a resident respectively. The winning scholar will be awarded with $500 for their hard-work and to help cover post-secondary education tuition.

How to apply for the scholarship

Eligibility criteria:  All Canadian/US citizens or permanent resident students enrolled in a university/college for 2017-2018 term.

Application: Your package should contain the following 4 things:

(1) Scholarship Application Form: Fill out the Scholarship application form at (Ensure all fields are filled properly)

(B) Online Blog: On a website, blog, or online forum, write 800-1000 word post on Any ONE of the following topics:

  • How does Rick Simpson Oil help in fighting cancer?
  • Why are many patients turning towards alternative treatments such as cannabis Oil?
  • Is Rick Simpson Oil a safe treatment to fight cancer?

Criteria for Evaluation: The best blogs has to be creative in expressing their thoughts clearly, while avoiding grammatical or spelling errors. The blog post must also include a link to the Rick Simpson Oil website (

(C) Transcript: The Winter 2017-2018 transcript (official or letter head), confirming your enrollment, in the form below.

(D) Proof of Residence: Include residency documentation for evidence of citizenship or permanent residence of Canada/United States.

Deadline: Scholarships will be awarded once per year. Submissions will be accepted until March 25, 2018.

Draw Date: The winner will be announced and awarded on April 1, 2018.

Submit: Submit your content on this email id [email protected]