Who We Are

Simpson Oil is made up of healthcare professionals, who are committed to providing the highest quality of alternative medical treatments for our global patients. Our administrative staff and support personnel are equally committed to our patients worldwide. That is why we do our very best to support our members, by providing alternative treatments along with encouraging healthy lifestyles. Professionalism, integrity, and respect are behaviors that contribute to the success of Insight and serving our patients. We pride ourselves in providing state-of-the-art medical alternative treatments in the friendly and welcoming environment.


To broadly contribute to society through value creation based on innovative research and development for the betterment of Alternative health care and fuller lives of people worldwide
Simpson Oil is committed to improving the health and well-being of its members worldwide. By providing quality, patient-centered health care services, both for the community and in-home settings and to advancing alternative medicine through clinical education and research.

We foster a culture of excellence within a collaborative environment. We actively seek innovative solutions, technologies and partnerships to support sustainable financial growth and to ensure global communities that we serve have access to a comprehensive continuum of integrated services that meet their present and future health care needs.


Our staff is highly experienced and qualified in their areas of expertise. Most of our full-time staff has been with Simpson Oil for a very long time, averaging nine years.

If you’re looking for complete personalized Alternative Healthcare, our medical staff and office staff can surely help you. We’ll provide you with friendly, individualized care, ranging from preventative health care to the management of more complex medical issues.

Simpson Oil Can Help!


On Orders as well as Simpson Oil Treatments:

1. Are your products available worldwide?

A: Yes, we offer our treatments to over 42 countries worldwide. Please refer to our application form for specific countries that we service.

2. How do I gain access to your treatments from where I live?

A: You will need to apply for membership. The application form is located directly on our website and will take approximately 5 to 10 minutes to complete. The submission is free and once submitted your application will be reviewed by our medical staff. We will respond within 24 hours as to your eligibility along with what treatment option would most benefit your condition and/or disease.

3. Do you offer guarantees?

A: All Simpson Oil Orders are 100% guaranteed. We expedite all orders via a tracking number and we guarantee delivery. If for any reason you do not receive your order in a timely fashion, we will resend the initial order at NO cost to you. Or if we are unable to ship due to country of origin limitations, we will issue a full refund.

4. What form of payment do you accept?

A: As a security feature we only accept credit card payments and Bitcoin Payments. We do not accept checks, cash or debit card payments at this time.

5. Can I return a treatment if it has not been opened?

A: Unfortunately, No. Once we have shipped your treatment, we are unable to accept returns because all treatments are specific to each individual and cannot be resent to another member. Although, we will credit your order in full if you cancel your order prior to it being shipped. We may also, at our discretion, refund requests of unopened treatments in special circumstances
(e.g. member’s death while treatment in transit).

6. How do I know Simpson Oil is a legitimate organization?

A: While purchasing anything online can be unsettling, we encourage due diligence. Please review our website as well as visit us at our Facebook or Twitter pages to see what others are saying about us. We do not offer our services to the general public at large, as we require all applicants to complete a medical questionnaire. Our treatments are recommended specifically for the condition expressed, they are not a one – size-fits-all treatment. Considerations when choosing a treatment protocol supplier: do they have a distinct website, do they have a direct phone number, and do they accept credit card payment. Simpson Oil can answer yes to all of the above.

7. Can I combine your treatments with standard medicine like Chemotherapy?

A: Yes, it is safe to combine standard Western medicine treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation treatments with both our oral treatments and our rectal treatments. Note: Although both oral or rectal treatments can be administered while a patient is being administered pain medication (e.g. morphine or any other form of opiates), But please note that when combined the patient should be monitored for signs of being over medicated. If this occurs, all pharmaceuticals should be first gradually reduced and then eliminated while administering our treatments.

8.What id the difference between rectal and oral treatments?

A: Simpson Oil (suppositories) are much more effective in battling cancer simply due to their bioavailability, which is approx 70% more effective. Simpson Oil Oral treatments specific to cancer are less bioavailable, at only 20%. When consuming oral treatments, your gastrointestinal system will convert THC into a metabolite known as Hydroxy 11 THC, which is a much more psychoactive and may lead to undesirable and elevated euphoric effects. The recommendation of an oral treatment, such as Simpson Oil Ultra, would be for patients unable to administer treatment rectally due to a colostomy, for example.

9.How long does a Full Cancer treatment last?

A: A full treatment Simpson Oil protocol is approximately 90 to 120 days of treatment or 90 to 120 consecutive 1000 mg suppositories administered daily. The oral treatment is 120 to 365 days of gradual increased dosages, because of the elevated euphoric effect of oral dosages and the fact that each patients objective is to consume 1000 mg of oil daily. Many patients cannot tolerate such large doses therefore the treatment time-line in many cases is extended to allow for assimilation to the cannabis oil.

10.Can I overdose on Cannabis Oil?

A: No! There has never been a case of any person overdosing on cannabis oil.